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Hatcher Geary Biography

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My name is William Hatcher Geary but I go by my middle name Hatcher.  I just graduated college at Anderson University where I double majored in Christian Ministry focused on Pastoral Ministry and Missions.  I have two younger brothers and a loving mother who was widowed when I was five years old. I love sports, people, coffee, and Jesus. I love learning new things and trying to be a jack of all trades.  My relationship with God and my family are very important to me.

A couple of weeks ago as my last few hectic weeks or college were coming to a close I sat in my bed at my apartment that I shared with three other guys.  As I laid in bed I looked in front of me at the corkboard in my room loaded with pictures and notes. Pictures of my friends from High School at prom, homecoming, and graduation.  Letters from friends and family wishing me the best of luck in college or of appreciation. Pictures of my friends in college at school dances, hiking, and other adventures. And pictures and letters from my extended and immediate family of all of the above.

As I sat there I reflected on the love that had been shown to me throughout the years of my life.  I could not ask for better friends and family. But even though it seemed as though they were there through every step they weren’t.  There were plenty of times that my family let me down or my friends upset me and it seemed as though I was alone. But I have never been alone.  God has always had my back. Even though I have an amazing support group behind me the biggest supporter of all is God. He is the reason that I am who I am today.

If you let Him, God will change your life.  He has changed mine and has been there for me through it all.  I am different because of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross.  The personal relationship that I have with Him is what has made the difference.  If you haven’t accepted Jesus into your heart take some time right now to do so. He is waiting to meet you exactly where you are no matter what your past, present, or future.  I’m so excited to share the next three months this summer with you all. I can’t wait to see what God has in store.