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A Word from The Youth Pastor - February 28 2018

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When I arrived in Edgefield nearly three years ago, I was met with an unbelievable support system. Honestly, I did not know exactly what I had stepped into. However, not much time had passed before I realized the depth of the transitional state of the church at that time. In that time, where the only ministerial staff was a dazed and confused, 21-year-old college graduate, the people of this church rose to the occasion and served in many leadership roles.

Now Edgefield First Baptist is in a time of transition once again. Thankfully, the positions to be filled are not quite as numerous as they were in the early summer of 2015, but the concept still remains the same. In this time of transition and preparation for the next Associate Pastor of Youth and Education, I challenge not only youth parents, but all church members to step up and serve. Scripture teaches that the original form of education, especial-
ly Christian education, was in the home. God designed families to raise up those of the next generation. With that being said, the rise of professional youth ministry over the past 40 years, has been coupled with a lack of overall
congregational participation with the youth and children. So, my challenge to you is for all of you to be open to finding new ways to serve here at First Baptist, during this time of transition and beyond! Together, you can raise
up the next generation of Christ followers and their discipleship is on each of you.

I understand that such as challenge may sound daunting and difficult; but, I would not give you such an impactful opportunity if I had not seen you meet a bigger one in recent history. The service, love, and support that you poured out for Morgan and me over the past three years has been unprecedented. We love all of you so much and will be forever grateful for our time here because of the impact of the people of EFBC. Now we must see this time of change not as a sad time, but as a chance to grow and advance as you continue to disciple the students of Edgefield.

In one of my youth ministry classes in college, we were taught that the best youth pastors are those who work themselves out of a job. In other words, the most impactful youth pastors are those who teach students, parents,
and other adult leaders how to build a youth group, love the kids, and bring students closer to Jesus. Now, let’s see how successful I really was here in Edgefield... It’s your time to serve.

With love in Christ,
Rob Williams