Edgefield First Baptist Church


EFBC Weekly Message

A Word from The Pastor - October 4 2017

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

I wanted to take this time to say a big thank you to Pastor Darry! He did an excellent job with the service yesterday, and I know you were all blessed by his time with us. I also want to say a big thank you to everyone that helped setup, serve, and cleanup. It’s selfless people like you that enable our church to serve our community so well. We had over 250 people in church on Sunday, and I know that they saw the love of Christ through your actions and Darry’s message.

Speaking of sharing God’s love, I hope you all will be able to join us again this Sunday, October 8th, as we hear from our Alaska mission team about everything God did through their service on their trip. We will sing some new songs that they sang on their trip and hear testimonies of how God used them to minister to those in Alaska. I know that your presence will be a big encouragement to those who sacrificed a week of their summer to love on people over 4,000 miles away!

Come and join us as we seek to expand God’s Kingdom from Edgefield the ends of the earth!