Edgefield First Baptist Church


EFBC Weekly Message

A Word from The Pastor - November 21 2017

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

I wanted to take this opportunity and say THANK YOU! I thought my goal of 200 boxes was a lofty one, but this church’s generosity is unbelievable! The church packed 230 boxes on Sunday night, and I’m so thankful for every person that contributed or helped pack the boxes. I know that God is going to use those boxes to further his Kingdom and bring those that are far off into a relationship with Himself. Thank you for being so selfless and giving of your time and resources.

As we enter into a week of Thanksgiving, I want to ask you all to think of how happy and thankful these 230 children will be as they open their presents. More important than that, I want you to remember that these children will have a chance to ask Jesus into their hearts! God is good, and He can use practical service to bring glory to his Name. Pray for these children that some of them would find out about the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Also, thank God that we live in such an amazing country. We have the freedoms and ability to help others, and I’m proud to see us paying it forward.

As you spend time with family, remember that Jesus died so that we could have freedom. It isn’t freedom to live selfishly; it isn’t freedom to do whatever we want. No, it is the freedom to do what He designed us to do; speak life to a lost and broken world. Remember to thank Jesus for your family, friends, job, house, cars, toys, country, state, EDGEFIELD, but most importantly, thank Him for your Savior.

From this church to your family, and my family to yours, I hope you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving