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A Word from The Pastor - March 14 2018

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

The Bible is clear that taking human life is a crime punishable by death (Gen 9). Exodus 21:22 makes it clear that this prohibition on taking life is also applicable to unborn children. Yet, 5736 children were murdered in South Carolina last year through the legal practice of abortion. Less than 1.5% of all abortions in SC last year were due to rape, incest, or health issues. That means that even if you think those are valid reasons for taking a life that God has created and knit together in the womb (they aren’t), 5,769 children were murdered for no reason…mere convenience alone.
In 2014, an estimated 926,240 abortions took place in the United States. From 1973 through 2011, nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred in the U.S. In 2014, approximately 19% of U.S. pregnancies (excluding spontaneous miscarriages) ended in abortion.
In Psalm 119, David says that God knit him together in his mothers womb and new the numbers of hairs on his head. This isn’t just true for children that were born into loving and stable families. Every life is a gift and it is time that we as a nation stood up and fought against this terrible evil. 
Study after study has shown that abortion leaves the woman more scarred physically and mentally than if she had carried to child to full term. Breast cancer, fertility issues, and a lifetime of counseling are greatly increased following an abortion regardless of the reason for the abortion
There are many things we need to do on the backside of this issue: support single moms, adopt children, teach our communities about sex being reserved for marriage…etc. However, right now, we have something we can do to end this practice.
The South Carolina House of Representatives and the Governor have already promised to pass Bill S217 “Personhood.” This bill would give unborn children in SC the same protections that we all have, the right to life given to us by God. 
I’m asking all you to pray! Pray that our hearts would be burdened as a country to end this terrible practice. Then, I’m asking each and every one of you to call Senator Shane Massey, or your senator if you live outside of our area, and beg them to support this bill. Christ told us to love the least of these. If we won’t stand up for the unborn, we will fail to stand up for Christ in every other area of our lives. This isn’t about politics, this is about living out the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.