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A Word from The Pastor - June 28, 2017

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

Herald 6/28/17

When I was in seminary, I heard a famous pastor say if a pastor didn’t spend at least 40 hours on his sermon each week, he was robbing people of God’s Word. While that may sound very noble, it leaves zero time for meeting with people. I knew that what he said didn’t sound right, but it still resonated because this pastor is someone all young seminary students look up to. Fast forward a year and I was pastoring my first church. Committee meetings, counseling sessions, church activities…I finally called my pastor and asked how he got his work done with all the distractions. Without missing a beat, he told me that ministry is in the distractions. What wise counsel that was and still is.

I love preaching, and I love preparing lessons, outlines, etc. However, nothing is more important than my time spent with actual people who are hurting and speaking the love of Christ to them. I can spend a lot of time and work on some compelling sermons, but if I’m not connecting with people, no one will care. It goes back to the saying: “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” All that to say, my door is always open. While a phone call with 30 minutes heads up is always appreciated, life happens and I understand that. One of my main functions as a pastor is that of a shepherd, and shepherds have to be with the sheep even when the weather is rough.

As a word of encouragement and as a reminder, everything you share with me in my office is confidential and will always be respected. I want to be there for you and your family. To lock myself away and work on sermons all the time would be to miss out on the journey of discipleship that God has called us to! The next time you need someone to pray with you, counsel you, or simply listen, swing by and lets grow closer as brothers and sisters in Christ.

 Sunday, we will study through Genesis 11:1-9 together. Please keep reading through Genesis and call/email me with any questions or concerns.