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EFBC Weekly Message

A Word From the Pastor - July 25 2018

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians, but it is sadly one of the most neglected gifts in Christianity today. Many believers take for granted that they can speak with the King of the universe any time they want to. Let me encourage you to evaluate your spiritual life and determine if you have been taking God’s open line of communication for granted. There are two main activities that our church offers for those who want to pray more.

  1. Join us the first Tuesday of every month for our Men’s Prayer Breakfast at 6:30am. This breakfast is open to all men, member or not. It’s a relaxed time of fellowship and prayer as we split into groups and pray for our country, church, community, and families.
  2. Every Wednesday night at 6:30, we have our adult Bible study in the sanctuary. It is open to everyone. We begin this time by looking at the prayer needs in our community. If you are looking for people to pray for, this is a great place to start.

Find time every day to reach out to God and ask Him to guide you in your walk with Him. We are to pray without ceasing. That means that we should be seeking more and more opportunities to pray. Are you living a lifestyle of prayer?