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A Word from The Pastor - July 19, 2017

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

On Sunday, we studied the end of Genesis 12 and saw how Abram allowed his fear to temporarily override his faith. This happens in all Christians’ lives from time to time; we call these selfish actions “sins.” They separate us from God and no matter how “small” a sin may be, it is serious. One of the keys to testing your salvation, as Paul calls it, is seeing how you respond after you sin. Do you repent? Do you go back to living your life for Jesus, or do you flounder and wallow in self-pity? God wants you to daily confess and run back to Him that you might find true victory once again.

Abram does just that. In Genesis 13 and the first part of 14, he responds to his sin by running back to God for direction and saves his nephew, Lot. Tonight, Wednesday July 19th, we will examine this story together and see how Abram responds to his sin, and how God restores Abram and uses him to make a difference in the world. Wednesday nights are an opportunity for us as church to dig in deeper. People can ask questions and interrupt as needed. The point isn’t that I get through a passage; the point is that people learn their Bibles better.

Yet Bible study isn’t all we do. We also update one another on the health and life situations of members and friends. Would you like to know how you can pray for your church family? Would you like to know who is hurting? Would you like to know what hospitals members are at and how they are doing? We are people of the Book, but we should also be known as people of prayer! “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” – James 5:16

Join together with us on Wednesday nights. I promise it will help you in your walk with Christ. It’s only an hour of your time, and you will be blessed. Let us show our community how much we care, by how much we pray as a church family.