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A Word from The Pastor - January 31 2018

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

What do you want to accomplish with your life? I want to honor and cherish my wife, I want to raise children who love and honor God with their whole lives, I want people to come to know Jesus through my ministry, and I want people to fall more and more deeply in love with Jesus every day trusting Him more and more. That is a big list with a lot of room for failure. Yet, Jesus has called us to dream big: “I will tell of the decree: The Lord said to me, “You are my Son; today I have begotten you.  Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:7–8).

God is proud of his Children and wants to use them in mighty ways. He wants to give his children, who truly have a relationship with Him, the nations! Yet, what has to happen first? We have to ask Him for them. This doesn’t mean conquest and it doesn’t mean an empire. This giving of the nations means that we can take the light of Jesus Christ to the nations….IF WE WILL ASK. I don’t know about you, but I want to be part of that!

One author I know of asks his readers: “What is your BEHAG?” BEHAG means “big hairy audacious goal.” What are you trying to accomplish that is so big that you can’t complete it without God’s help? So many times I find myself focusing on busywork. I can finish paperwork and managerial tasks in my own strength. But I have to learn to trust God if I want to accomplish anything meaningful.

In Mark 6, Jesus sends the disciples out with no extra clothes, no money, and no provisions. He is teaching them to depend on God. Where are you “putting your neck out?” Where are you straining so hard to glorify God that you know it won’t work without his help? Maybe you are sacrificing financially until it hurts. Maybe you are dedicating so much time to volunteering at church that it squeezes out other activities. Maybe you are telling people at work about Jesus without regard to how they view you.

Here’s the point, what is your goal in life? Is it big enough that you cannot accomplish it without God? If not, it isn’t big enough. Dream bigger, and pray more often. Nehemiah prayed for FOUR MONTHS that God would use him. Are you praying for God to use you?


P.S. - My sermon this week will come from Mark 1:35-45. Therefore, you will want to read the sections in the Bible study book on Mark 1:21-34 and Mark 1:35-45.