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A Word from The Pastor - December 12 2017

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

As I announced on Sunday, We know where our boxes from Operation Christmas Child ended up! Below, I have listed the countries that they went to and a few quick facts about these countries so you know what to pray for.
Ukraine - A flat, fertile, forested plain with few natural boundaries. Population: 45,433,415. 33% of the people groups in Ukraine are still unreached. Unreached means that less than 2% of those people groups are Christian.
Philippines - 80 provinces; 7,250 islands, of which over 700 are inhabited, 11 of which contain the vast bulk of the population. Over 75% mountains; prone to devastating typhoons. Population: 93,616,853.
Swaziland - Small, landlocked enclave between Mozambique and South Africa. Population:  1,201,904. The impact of HIV/AIDS cannot be overstated – it has devastated the population. Life expectancy plummeted to age 32 in 2008 (according to some reports), and 26% of adults (up to 40% in other reports) are HIV-positive. Sixty-one percent of all deaths could be attributed to HIV/AIDS. Pray for a) Treatment of those afflicted. b) Sexual morality must be restored. Polygamy and a lack of holiness among Christians contribute to the problem. Pray for marriages and families to function as God intended. c) Christian response. Genuine Christian love, demonstrated in practical and gracious ways, has the potential to win many to the Lord.
South Sudan
- South Sudan is the world’s newest country. The nation was born in a great spirit of unity, happiness, and hope Thank God for this freedom from the long, painful domination by the north Sudan is now mainly Arab and Muslim, while South Sudan is mainly Black and Christian. Pray for the Church to have a good influence in society and leadership, to make life better for all people.

This church gave in an incredible way to Operation Christmas Child, and I’d like to see that same sort of generosity with the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This offering accounts for 50% of the International Mission Board’s annual operating budget. That means that this offering is vital to sending missionaries to the lost! Over 4,000 missionaries are currently serving the IMB oversees. I’d like to see that number grow, and our generosity and prayer is the only way that will happen.
            I know that we can blow the $8500 dollar goal out of the water. Let’s join together once again in generosity that souls might be saved and lives might be touched through giving back to God just a small portion of what He has given us!