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A Word from The Pastor - April 18 2018

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

Hiring new pastors at a church is a daunting task for many church members. The thought of finding a new minister to replace one that was so well loved can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. However, we must remember that if God has called Rob to a new church, then He has called a new man here to EFBC. The good news is that God has already begun preparing someone to serve and love our youth and children here in Edgefield. Our job, is to prayerfully consider who that man is and then go out and find whom God has called! The other good news is that our new youth pastor is probably already looking for us!

This Sunday, following service, we will have a brief meeting where you will be able to nominate an individual to serve on the search committee. Once enough names have been suggested, we will have a vote to select the committee and two alternates.

Recommending people to serve on a search committee is a weighty decision for multiple reasons. Throughout the Bible, the people chosen to serve are “filled with the Spirit.” Therefore, the first qualification is a spirit filled individual. This is someone who is committed to following God’s call in everything they do. They are surrendering their desires and faithfully carrying their cross as they follow the Master. In this way, they are a servant. No longer is it about me, but rather it is about Christ.

Next, the person that will be a good fit for this committee is a person of prayer. It’s impossible to find the man God has called if you aren’t going to Him for direction. We are encouraged to “pray without ceasing,” and the people on this committee must heed that advice if they are to run this marathon and persevere.

Next, committee members are called to be diligent. Diligent servants are those who show up when they are supposed to and put in the required time. This also means they must have the time to serve! As Baptist, we believe that every Christian has wisdom to offer in service to the church.

So, how do we proceed?

  1. Spend time in prayer for whom you believe God would have on the search committee.
  2. Discuss with that person about the search committee and ask if they would be willing to be nominated.
  3. Come prepared on Sunday to announce that person’s name in the meeting immediately following service.
  4. Pray for the finalized committee as they seek God’s will in this matter.

This church has many bright days ahead of it, and I’m excited to see what God is going to do in Edgefield!