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A Word From The Pastor | May 31

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

As some of you may know, Emma has been running a fever for almost 6 weeks now. It’s low grade 100-101, but it’s still concerning giving how long it has been. Her appetite is down, and she has been fussier than normal. They have run blood work, urine samples, and stool samples. The pediatrician is stumped, and so he has called in an infectious disease consult. Yet, these illnesses have reconfirmed to me that this world in its current state is not our home. We are waiting for our Messiah to come back and remake this earth into a paradise with no death or diseases. It will be a place where we can worship Him with none of these distractions.

            These illnesses have also reminded me that we live in a war zone. Daily, Satan is looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). The next verse emphasizes that we must stand firm knowing that our brothers world-wide are undergoing the same kinds of persecution. We see Satan afflicting Job with illnesses and all sorts of calamities in his life. However, we have to remember that God allowed it. Why? There are many ways to answer that; allow me to work through a few of those answers.

  1. Satan wanted to prove that he could make anyone curse God. God wants to prove Satan wrong through Job’s righteous answers and lifestyle in the midst of the storms (1:6-12).
  2. Satan wants Job to curse God in order to bring contempt on God’s Name in front of Job’s friends and family. God wants Job to praise Him in spite of the storms of life (2:9-10).
  3. Lastly, Satan wanted to crush Job’s relationship with God. God wants Job to turn to Him for strength and satisfaction, not his belongings (42:1-6).

All of this to say, that your tears are not wasted. God has a plan for your life. What Satan means for evil, God allows for good. We can’t see the end of the chapter, whereas God can see the end of the whole story. He loves you. Trust Him that He is preparing you for a harvest of righteousness. Your faith can speak volumes to the people around you and share Jesus with them even though you are hurting. Trust that God is working a good work in you and will carry it on until the day of completion. You are not alone.