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A Word From The Pastor | May 2

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

This past Sunday, I finished my sermon series examining how the Holy Spirit empowers our lives for God’s Glory. We saw that He guides us in studying God’s Word, Fellowship (Accountability and Encouragement), Worship, Prayer, and Evangelism. These five practices, were what the early church dedicated themselves to according to Acts chapter 2. Before that series, we examined the churches in Revelation and asked ourselves what are we good at? What areas could we use improvement? Who are we as a body of believers and how are we to use that identity in reaching out to a lost community? Now we must draw these two series together.

God has gifted us and blessed us as a church with many abilities and resources. He is calling us to use those abilities and resources for His Glory. That means that we must decide who we are now AND who we are called to be. What must we do to reach the potential that God has placed in us? It’s all hands on deck. Your administrative abilities, encouraging personality, prayer driven life, knowledge of Scripture, servant’s heart, …etc. God wants to use those things to build this church up and change people’s lives. The question is, are you willing to pick up your cross?

Every member is a part of the body of Christ. Every member has been called to serve. Now ask yourself: “How am I serving?” It’s not a theoretical question. It’s a question that demands an answer. We are all sent on mission by Jesus in Matthew 28. We are all called to take the Gospel to the nations. Are you training the next generation by teaching? Are you supporting the missionaries through giving? Are you praying for God’s Kingdom to grow? Are you part of God’s redemptive story for the world? Jesus made you to serve. Are you?

Over the next few months, we will be looking at how God designed us: how He made us to fill the earth with worshippers. This series through Genesis will hopefully answer many questions you have and help you see your place in God’s redemptive story. Jesus told us to pick up our cross. That means radical self-denial, running to God for direction, not our own desires. There is a place for you to serve here. There is a job that will bring you satisfaction and joy as you find your place in the body of Christ. Come and speak with me if you aren’t sure what serving in a church looks like. I promise you will never regret giving your time for Jesus.