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A Word From The Pastor | June 7

Posted by Aaron Tripp on

There is a lot going on this summer, and I’m so excited about what God has in store for our church as we work through VBS, CCC, and Music Camp! Yet, there is something else I wanted to bring to your attention. Often, I meet young men who are interested in ministry but aren’t sure what it looks like or what all is involved. One of those young men, is Michael Hane. I was privileged to serve as the family pastor at the church that Michael grew up in. We became good friends and now he is contemplating whether or not God has called him to ministry.

Michael will be spending a good portion of the summer with us and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about him. Michael was born in Charleston, SC and his family moved around quite a bit during his early life. Michael, his parents, and his two younger siblings settled in Chapin, SC when Michael was 8 and have lived there ever since. He is 18 and just finished his first year of college at Piedmont Tech.

He grew up attending church, and he has always been active. Michael was 16 years old when he truly understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ, and over the last few years has felt an increasing interest in ministry. I’m so happy that the deacons and our church have given him this opportunity to “shadow” and serve alongside Rob, Travis, and me as we serve God. He will be going on visits with me this summer, and you will see him serving at all of our major activities. I know that you will make him feel welcome and encourage him as we utilize his heart for the Lord in Edgefield!