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A Thank You from our Summer Intern 2017

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Hello, my name is Michael Hane. I have been the summer intern for your church for the past seven weeks. I came in as an intern to learn as much as I could about ministry and all its aspects. I feel like I have done that. However, I still have much to learn and I am looking forward pursuing further training. The EFBC staff has helped me learn a great deal, and I know they have pointed me in the right direction.

Ministry involves a lot more than may be apparent at first inspection. I have learned that in full-time ministry, no matter the position, your job never stops and you are always on call. Coming into the internship my basic knowledge of being in ministry was limited to: preaching on Sunday morning, leading the music, or teaching the youth. That was so far from the overall job description and I am glad I learned that. I have enjoyed being here in Edgefield and have also learned from the deacons and the members. I really enjoyed being a part of this church and serving it in any way I could. I have enjoyed spending time with Aaron and continuing to learn from him like I did when I was one of his youth. Some challenges that arose from working here were the always on call aspect, and sometimes having to do things that I really did not want to do. I was not used to that and it was a rough adjustment at times. But thanks to words of encouragement from several people I was reminded that I am not here to serve myself but to serve this church and to serve God and that is what life is all about.

I really want to thank this church for being so welcoming and so accepting of me being here; it made it really easy to jump right in. I also want to thank the deacon board for approving my being here to learn and serve. Lastly I would like to thank Aaron and Kathryn for allowing me to stay at their house for the duration of the internship. This internship has given me knowledge of ministry and showed me that I need to seek out other opportunities to serve and learn more about other ministry opportunities to help narrow down what I think God is calling me to for a career. My plans for the future are to go back to my home church and look for more chances to serve wherever possible and to continue my education. Once again I just want to say thank you, I am very, very grateful for this opportunity and I will definitely look back at it as one of the best summers I have had.

Thank you,

Michael Hane